SkySaver for Construction


The Challenges

The construction site must have a safe and quick evacuation scenario in place for emergencies and accidents to guarantee the safety of the construction workers present.

When evacuation is required, regardless of the type of accident, it is crucial that the construction work will go on. Any evacuation must be quick, and if possible without external rescuers.


What is in the market 

In almost all cases, current rescue operations involve the use of ladders, ropes, and rescuers climbing up floors. Alternatively, emergency services (e.g., fire brigades) are alerted.

In case of an accident that requires evacuation, special rescue workers are alerted. Once they arrive, they need to plan the evacuation and use ropes and ladders to carry out the evacuation. Construction works is often halted which carries high costs for the contractor. 


The  Solution

By having SkySaver’s self-evacuation kits in place, immediate and safe evacuation is guaranteed. Apart from saving lives, SkySaver also reduces expensive downtime and the risk of human error.

Your Benefits:

Intuitive Use; No Special Skill Set Required

Functions Under Extreme Conditions

Withstands Prolonged Exposure to the Elements

Quick and Immediate Evacuation

Ideal for Rescuing Passive / Incapacitated Persons

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