SkySaver for Cranes

The Challenges

Cranes must keep personnel safe while complying with stringent safety measures including a safe and quick evacuation scenario in case of unexpected risks (e.g., strong winds). Currently, ladders, cables and ropes are used by rescuers climbing up the crane to evacuate the crane operator.

What is in the market

Current rescue operations normally involve the use of ladders, ropes, and rescuers climbing up the cranes. Alternatively, emergency services (e.g., fire brigades) are alerted.

The Solution

By having SkySaver’s self-evacuation kits in place, immediate and safe evacuation is guaranteed. Apart from saving lives, SkySaver also eliminates human error and the need for rescue workers to climb up the crane using standard equipment.

Your Benefits:

Intuitive Use; No Special Skill Set Required

Functions Under Extreme Conditions

Withstands Prolonged Exposure to the Elements

Quick and Immediate Evacuation

Ideal for Rescuing Passive / Incapacitated Persons

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