SkySaver for Hospitality


The Challenges

The hospitality sector is responsible for the safety of its guests. In case of an emergency (e.g., fire), quick evacuation of all including elderly and disabled guests is crucial since waiting for rescue teams to arrive might take too long.

What is in the market

Current rescue operations normally involve the use of ladders, ropes, and rescuers climbing up floors. Usually, there is no option to use heavy ladders. In most cases, external emergency services (e.g., fire brigade) are alerted.

The Solution

By having SkySaver’s self-evacuation kits in place, immediate and safe evacuation is guaranteed. 
Apart from saving lives, SkySaver also helps to stay ahead of the competition by having the solution in place for all guests, including the elderly and disabled ones.

Your Benefits:

Intuitive Use; No Special Skill Set Required

Functions Under Extreme Conditions

Withstands Prolonged Exposure to the Elements

Quick and Immediate Evacuation

Ideal for Rescuing Passive / Incapacitated Persons

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