How to use

 SkySaver provides online training programs for your organization’s maintenance personnel so they will be able to perform regular inspections of the units without SkySaver’s involvement.

Units that don’t pass inspections are flagged for collection and replacement by your maintenace personnel, using SkySaver’s shared asset management system.

During the 7-year warranty period, suspected damaged, worn-out or otherwise compromised parts or units are replaced free of charge.

Storage Recommendations

  • The external CDD consists solely of galvanized steel parts and is therefore able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions for prolonged periods of time. We therefore recommend that the units be pre-installed, ready for use, at the nacelle’s evacuation point.
  • The ideal storage location for rescue backpacks is at the evacuation point inside the nacelle.

Online Courses

While SkySaver is an intuitive product that does not require advanced training, we do offer online courses for prospective users in order to assist organizations with their emergency evacuation plans.

Physical training

Additionally, we recommend that you allow your staff to get physically acquainted with SkySaver. We provide re-usable training units with a range of 10 meters for this purpose.

Training program for maintenance personnel

SkySaver comes with a training program for your key safety and maintenance personnel in order to make your organization as self-sufficient as possible.


The time of your personnel is valuable and we understand how costly organization-wide training can be. The above training programs have been designed in order to ensure minimal loss of productive time and consequently also minimal training costs.

This is how we are able to provide not only the best, but also the most cost-effective emergency evacuation solution in the market.