SkySaver for Rescue Teams

The Challenges

For rescue teams, time is of the essence. They must be able to access any location for quick and safe evacuation, also for incapacitated or injured victims to ensure that any required medical treatment is received on time.

What is in the market

Current rescue operations normally involve the use of ladders, ropes, and rescuers climbing up to high locations. That requires a highly skilled and well-trained rescue team.

The Solution

By having SkySaver’s self-evacuation kits in place, immediate and safe evacuation is guaranteed.
By using the kits at locations that are out of reach, the rescue teams can access and rescue people quickly and safely.


This enables a small rescue team to evacuate several people at the same time.

Your Benefits:

Intuitive Use; No Special Skill Set Required

Functions Under Extreme Conditions

Withstands Prolonged Exposure to the Elements

Quick and Immediate Evacuation

Ideal for Rescuing Passive / Incapacitated Persons

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