Solution Kits

SkySaver portable emergency self-evacuation kits enabling an injured or 
incapacitated worker to be evacuated independently from a hazardous 
environment in a fast, safe and efficient manner.


The company’s patented rigid CDD has been tested and is the only solution in the market that is certified to be used in any rough environment and under extreme conditions.

The Backpack

  • Double-stitched at integral points
  • Made from lightweight materials
  • First-ever backpack with integrated harness
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce strain on blood vessels

The Family Backpack

Already integrated with the Rigid Controlled Descent Device (CDD)]
The external harness can be adjusted to the type of evacuee

  • Harness adjusted to fit babies
  • Harness adjusted to fit kids
  • Harness adjusted to fit pets

Injured and Incapacitated Evacuation (IIE) Portable Kit

A single worker, equipped with a SkySaver IIE Portable Kit, can help to lower his injured or incapacitated co-worker to safety. The easy-to-use SkySaver IIE Portable Kit, which includes a controlled descent device (CDD), portable anchoring accessories and an ergonomically designed harness, is designed to evacuate workers as high up as 80 meters above ground level within three minutes.

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