SkySaver for Wind Turbines 

The Challenges

Making sure that even at the surprise of catastrophic event (Nacelle sets on fire), when there is no time to wait for a rescue team, the technicians have their chances to escape on time and save their lives. In the event of Incapacitated or injured technician. The evacuation may take place in short time bringing the technician to safety and life saving treatment without any delay.

What is in the market

Current rescue operations involves rescue team, Ropes usage or bringing up the nacelle with special equipment along qualified and trained rescuers

The Solution

By Having SkySaver’s Portable self-evacuation kits in place (near the nacelle), immediate and safe evacuation is guaranteed , Apart from saving lives, as it is within immediate reach of the technicians, this eliminates human errors like leaving rescue devices down when being up on the nacelle and no need to carry all the way up.  


Your Benefits:

intuitive usage -no training required

Functions Under Extreme Conditions

Available on site, Withstands any weather 

Quick and Immediate Evacuation

Ideal for Rescuing Passive / Incapacitated Techniciians

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